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Next Property Group

Next Property Group is a team of urban entrepreneurs who are dedicated to improving and growing the City of Toronto through the development and operation of properties that bring out the best in our city.

We see opportunities long before others do.

Opportunities in neighbourhood clusters that have sometimes been neglected and overlooked. We play a unique role in shaping the catalytic vision for places we love and help to grow – retrofitting and bringing back to life older properties with more to give, or developing empty spaces into vibrant communities to live, work and play. We love natural materials that give back – to the environment, to the warmth and atmosphere of the properties they shape – and by tapping long established benefits for strength, safety and structural integrity.

A values-based organization

We pride ourselves on strong respectful relationships with our customers, our partners and our investors, and the quality of workmanship that goes into everything we do. We invest in projects that create superior financial returns for our stakeholders and partners. We are analytical, imaginative, and inspired to create properties with long term value.

Next, together with its predecessor company has deep experience with projects dating back to 1982 and has built and renovated in excess of 10 million square feet and planned and developed in excess of 3,000 acres of land in both Canada and the United States. Looking to the future, it was also the development arm of Intercom Ontario, which was Ontario’s trial community for delivery of broadband services to the home together with Northern telecom, Bell Canada and IBM.

Our Work

Our Team

President & CEO

Cary Solomon

Cary has a passion for building developments that unite, inspire and support communities in the city.

A well-known real estate executive, Cary spent most of his thirty-year career in the development, management and construction areas of the real estate industry. After graduating from the Ivey School of Business, he joined a privately owned real estate development company and led its expansion into the high-rise, commercial office and retail sectors. Within a twelve-year period, he constructed and renovated some eight million square feet in both the Canadian and U.S. markets.

For the last ten years, Cary focused on the adaptive re-use and repositioning of older industrial properties into repurposed space for businesses in the digital age – which unleashed a renewed appreciation for the role development can play in shaping and supporting community in an urban environment.

His keen understanding of development, construction and leasing has led to a creative and entrepreneurial approach in developing new and historically linked, freshly textured buildings that are both interesting and purposeful for business – supported by a commitment to excellent customer service and partnership with our customers and investors alike.

Cary’s energy, dedication to city building, integrity and ability to see possibilities everywhere shape the vision for Next Property Group for the many years ahead.

Vice President, Finance

John W. McKinnon

John McKinnon has dedicated his career to understanding and supporting a vibrant real estate market. A graduate of Western University’s Ivey Business School, John began his working life at a KPMG predecessor firm and obtained his Chartered Accountant designation – and then found real estate and never looked back.

For over thirty years John worked with a number of real estate companies in roles of controllership, finance and management. His experience includes land and building development and construction, and property management for both residential and commercial properties. He has also gained significant experience in community development issues serving as the Chairman of his neighbourhood ratepayer association for five years.

John has tremendous experience in creating and delivering expert advice and structuring during project evaluation and selection and superior reporting and control during project execution. His values based approach is a tremendous asset within our leadership team. John and his wife live in Mississauga and have raised their four children there.

Director, Commercial Property Management

Kristin Card

Kristin brings over 15 years administrative and management experience to Next Property Group and is currently our Director of Commercial Property Management.  Kristin’s background provides deep knowledge and experience in commercial and residential real estate, corporate finance, as well issues relating to municipal government.

Kristin is passionate about delivering exemplary client care and attention to service in everything she does. She embodies Next’s commitment to building long term relationships and value, constantly suggesting new ways we can make our clients’ lives easier and more productive.   Kristin truly goes out of her way to ensure top level service.

Kristin’s enthusiasm for helping extends beyond Next where she is frequently involved with charities and community groups, organizing, fundraising and running events.   All of this, including her strong service and organizational skills offer a unique perspective and skill set for overseeing the properties and clients in our care.

Why Next

We are a team of optimistic realists who creatively weave life into our buildings to make properties come alive with communities of the very best and brightest our city has to offer. Workplaces that possess the backdrop to help the collaborative and creative process thrive. We are dedicated to having our customers excited about their work environments and love being there.

We are our NEXT project.